Don’t ever think ya’ got it all figured out…

That picture is this last Tuesday night at the Wheaton VFW post. Wednesday morning I went to work on that laptop and WHAMMO, it was dead! I just got it in January so this was NOT good, VERY VERY bad. There was a 20 minute call into Apple, a one hour visit to the Genius Bar at the local Apple Store, and then a 3 hour live chat with two Apple associates Thursday morning. FINALLY it was back up and functioning. However I lost everything that was on it, the computer had to be wiped clean. Now fortunately I back up everything to the iCloud, however the saga didn’t end there.

I keep all my music on the hard drive in case I am out somewhere without an internet connection. ALL my music was now gone and had to be downloaded again onto the system. Okay, so I got to work on that. Then I had to download the DJ program I use again. I got that done, but I couldn’t get my playlists from iTunes. There went another hour of my life! Okay, finally I got that back, but wait. The program was now new on my computer and had none of the data I had entered previously. This means none of my music I use for DJing the dances with line dancing had “cues”. Those are the markers I use to know when to call “5, 6, 7, 8” to start the dances. ALL GONE! So now I have to go back through all the line dance songs and listen to find and mark that “cue” again. I’m working on it and HOPE to be caught up by the dance Tuesday night.

So here is the moral of the story. Life has been good. I go to the dances and choose the music, often from the request sheet, and hit play. I even manage to get back on the floor and dance ever so often. Then on those “off” days, I listen to ALL kinds of music and try to find new songs we can use for future dances. I was coasting. That all came to a screeching halt Wednesday morning when this computer would not work! Now I will slow down and try to not let my guard down. Oh yeah, and I’m gonna get me one of those external hard rive thingies!

Two dances this week. We have our weekly Tuesday night standard open dance at the Wheaton VFW. Friday night we have our SECOND bridge dance at the American Legion hall in Geneva.

Come dance with me!


Another busy week for me, but such fun! Tuesday night we had another dance at the Wheaton VFW. Unfortunately the air conditioning went out. There were many fans but in the end, it was just plain HOT!!! However that did not seem to deter those dancers determined to have a good time! They filled my request sheet yet again and wore themselves out. Hope to see them all again tomorrow night, although we are in West Chicago.

Saturday was the first ever Bridge Dance! I spent days getting ready for this event! I went into it not knowing who might show, so I wanted a little something for everyone. I knew we could have teenagers up to people in their seventies. I am so glad I was prepared seeing as we had over 40 people show for this first ever event!!! Over half were beginners and had no experience at dances, and some were new to line dancing in general! So the first hour was devoted to very beginner level dance lessons such as Cupid Shuffle and Electric Slide. However Janet even managed to throw in more fun ones like Bang Bang and Moves Like Jagger! That’s right, a little something for everyone!!! The next hour and a half was all beginner dances, yet I used some not so traditional music to keep the higher level dancers engaged. It worked! The last hour and a half was meant for the higher level dancers. However I am afraid I did not judge dances/music properly. By the time we got to the more advanced dances, everyone was just plum tuckered out! OH NO!!! I would call a dance and people just walked off shaking their heads and saying they were too tired and hot. Lesson learned.

So, there are more Bridge Dances scheduled and we are learning as we go along. This first dance went FOUR hours, with the first hour being lessons. From now on the dances will be limited to three hours, with the first 45 minutes being lessons. The next hour will be beginner dances with intermediate thrown in about every fourth dance to give our beginner friends a chance to catch their breath. There will also be some split floors intermingled with one half being Beginner 1 level to bring our higher level dancers out on the floor a little earlier in the evening. The last hour and fifteen minutes will be higher level dances, with split floors having Beginner 2 on half.

7:00-7:45pm: Beginner 1 level lessons
7:45-8:45pm: Beginner 1 dances; Every fourth dance Intermediate level; Split floors with Beginner 1 interspersed
8:45-10:00pm: Beginner 2 dances AND HIGHER; Split floors with Beginner 2 interspersed

There you have it. So come one, come all. We will have a little something for everyone the whole night! Even the beginner dances are often danced to different songs, so I doubt you higher level dancers will get TOO bored. Of course you are more than welcome to come and socialize if you aren’t into all the dances. I’ll talk with you, once I count in the dance! LOL

Come dance with us!


What a busy week for Dancing’ DJ Peg!  I started by forming my own company, Dancin’ DJ Peg LLC.  Then I had to actually DJ Tuesday night, that is what this is all about after all!  Then I put together a Facebook page.  Now I am publishing a website, my very own site!!!

Check back often to see what I get myself into next!